Portrait of a Woman in a Hat, by Harold B. Stone

I Draw People

by Harold B. Stone

Making pictures of other people has been my main interest in art since 1976. For me, drawing is primarily the discipline of searching for visual truth, and drawing a portrait is the most distilled form of this exercise.

I made this set of pictures during the winter of 2011. Once a week, a group of friends met, listened to music and drew each other. At times we brought props, such as hats, guitars or unusual jewelry. We took turns sitting for two 45-minute sessions; most of these drawings were created in one of these sessions.

To me, this project is always new, and always demanding. I don't think there's a better exercise for people who love to draw.

Click here to see more of my drawings from those sessions, along with my comments.

The drawings were made using a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with a medium nib, in non-waterproof India ink, on 11"x14" smooth-finish Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Board.

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